our family

Family Bronze makes bronze markers, vases, scrolls, and niche products. Your bronze products will be made in our Cleveland, Ohio foundry- the same foundry that won the 2006-2010 VA contract to make niche markers and has shipped over 25,000 honoring veterans throughout the world.

Tom Champion is our plaque/marker manager. He made his first plaque in his parents' garage in 1968 and has made tens of thousands since. Tom is the most experienced and knowledgeable person in this specialized industry.

I am a third-generation foundryman. My grandfather, Saul, made bronze plaques with his plant manager Ray Champion (Tom's father). My dad Gerald taught me the fundamentals of this craft (and the value of the dollar) by having me work in the foundry during summers as a molder. I look forward to speaking with you personally to see how I can treat you like family.

-Josh Goldstein